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Colour culture

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What colour is repels evil in China, or signifies modesty in Japan…? See below for colour goodness

~by David McCandless and

{From the inimitable ‘Information is beautiful’}


touch infographic

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Interesting guide to the field of touch-based user interfaces from Luke Wroblewski, Dan Willis and Craig Villamor…

~Touch guide~

{see the pdf here…}

Energy usage info graphics

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Lurvely info graphic and tool to asses cost and energy use of appliances from GE. We just installed an energy monitor at home and I wish we got the same electricity prices as our American friends…

~General Electric Energy Use~

{info graphic goodness after the jump…..}

Triboro goodness

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Gulp…swoon…must have…

~One colour subway map~

{Via…September Industry}


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Jack my 5 year old recently was given, and is fascinated by, a globe  and it reminded me of this project I first saw almost 4 years ago, where 300 globes have different data transposed onto their respective surfaces…

~If landmass equaled wealth and economic might, Japan would occupy this much of the globe.~

{visit the project here…}

mouse mapping

In infographics on April 3, 2010 at 8:15 am
Lurvely little app from Anatoly Zenkov that tracks your mouse movement and serves up a .png file of the little critters journey, if only it tracked distance and could output a vector file to create huge textures…

~a very busy mouse~

{visit the site and download IOGraph ~ props to Matt C}


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Born 1968 to Spencer Silver & Art Fry and subject of US Pat. 3691140 the lost & found Post-it ® is celebrated at Anthropost, excuse the site nav and sate your voyeurism in these 3 inch square canvases…

The appointment

{Anthropost – via infosthetics}

Commander’s Radiation Guide

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I remember as a kid in the early 80’s being terrified by ‘the bomb’ and would increase my paranoia by reading up about blast radii and half lives, if I had this device it would have been in my school bag at all times…

Fission Fragment Fallout Decay and Dose Guide

{love the bomb}